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  • Psyfyman81

    I just thought I should share this while I have time. Recently, I was working on a rewrite of the script because I was curious to see how it would be like if I were to direct/write the film. I merged the original script and the theatrically released film together and added many of my own ideas to make it my own. If anyone is curious enough to read. You can contact me in My Talk section on my profile. Thank you for listening. Happy Editing!

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  • Psyfyman81

    I apologize for not being as available as I'd like to be here on Interstellar Wiki but I will be here more often than I have been. I would like to promote some of our active users to admin status so that work can continue while I'm away. I would also like many of our pages expanded especially regarding the cast, crew and character articles. Also, some new added templates should be created for planets, characters and spaceships. Thank you for your time, contact my talk page for any other queries or concerns. Happy editing!

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  • XD1

    Wikia's Year in Fandom is battling out YOUR favorite moments of 2014 whether you're into League of Legends, The Oscars, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Game of Thrones. Interstellar Wiki is featured in this year's Year in Fandom bracket tournament, and the winning fan-favorite moment will get its own video, so please click over to vote for your favorite moment!

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