Donald is the father-in-law of Cooper and the grandfather of Murphy and Tom. He is portrayed by actor John Lithgow.

Life Edit

Donald was born at either the end of the twentieth century or at the beginning of the twenty-first. He grew up in the early 21st Century during a great period of technological development. However, in his mid thirties he began to see the world suffer from the effects of the Blight and various resource scarcity based conflicts. He married and had a daughter named Erin around this time. Though, he could not recognize his world anymore as it had been consumed by the Resource Wars. His daughter eventually married Joseph Cooper and his grand children were born shortly thereafter. But once the Resource Wars, the old technocratic civilization that had defined Donald's generation ended. With city life's prominence and prospects diminished, he moved to rural Colorado to join his daughter and her family on his son-in-law's farm.

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