Dr. Eric Hale was a chemist and astronaut who flew for NASA in the Lazarus missions.The planet he visited was a purple foggy world orbiting the Pantagruel-Gargantua system which the planet was named after him.

History Edit


Dr. Hale's Portrait

Unknown purple

Hale's Planet

Not very much is known about Dr. Hale though we do find out some info about Dr. Hale from Romilly. He mentions that Hale is on the way to Miller's planet. Eric found minerals in brown stone; he also discovered that the atmosphere is full of phototoxins and the air is constantly filled with purple fog. Hale and his unnamed robot companion attempted to collect data on the suitability of the planet for human life before finally determining that the planet was not habitable. He therefore sent the thumbs-down signal. After 6 years, he was killed in a toxic storm.

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